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Angel is 1 of 4 cats found in an abandoned house with no heat! She is 20 years old, not an ideal situation for an elderly cat. She was surrendered to the WC Humane Society and is in much need of TLC. She is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and deworming. She is in good condition for her age. Since being in a foster home, her personality is showing and she is very loveable. Please contact Carol at 541-432-1630 if you are interested in adopting Angel.

**Adopted in 2017**


Ruby is a 4 yr. old, 80 lb. spayed female Black Lab/German Shepherd mix. She is very social, kid and cat friendly. She enjoys to go hiking, swimming and camping. Contact Valerie at 541-263-1468 if interested.

Adopted 2017


Sparky is a 9 month old, 65 lb. Husky mix. His coat is thick like a Husky. He is kid and cat friendly and his best friend was a goat! He is NOT neutered and has a lot of energy. He is very playful and loves toys. Contact Valerie at 541-263-1468 if interested.

Adopted 2017

Foxy White Sox

Foxy White Sox is 1 of 4 cats found in an abandoned house with no heat! He was surrendered to the WC Humane Society on Jan. 15, 2017. Foxy is a 12 year old neutered, short-hair Tabby who has adjusted very nicely to socialization in his foster home environment. After his first visit to the Vet on Jan. 19th, he is now up to date on immunizations and deworming and received a clean bill of health. Foxy White Sox is a sweet, gentle giant weighting 17 lbs. He is currently on a diet and will need to be fed only 2 times a day.

Call Denise at 541-432-0290 if you're interested in meeting this wonderful guy. Adoption Fee is $40

*Adopted 2017*


Missy is an adorable spayed 3-year-old cat that needs an indoor home. She had a terrible accident and lost an eye, but it has healed up nicely. Her appearance is a little strange to other cats. She is in a colony of four, but seems to be the target of the others to chase and torment.

Missy is very affectionate and loving. She would make a great pet in the right home. She is not used to dogs or small children.

Please call Doris at 541-432-3631 if interested in Missy.


**Adopted 2017**


Simon is 4 years old, and so adorable that he's sure to steal your heart away!

Simon is not only cute and cuddly, but he can also play fetch just like the big dogs.He's been around people of all ages and is very much a "people" dog who loves any and ALL attention you give him. Simon is healthy and up to date on all of his shots.

We don't want to let him go, however due to moving we have to find him a new family. We love this little dog, and want to find him a forever home that will love him as much as we do.

Please call Tori at 541-398-0086 if you have a lot of love and a wonderful home to give Simon.

**Adopted in 2016**


Otis is a 3 year old, neutered orange tabby with a loving and affectionate nature.  Otis is not a lap kitty, but he is a sweet, gentle boy who loves to be brushed and petted.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat and needs a stable and loving forever home.

If you are interested in Otis, please contact foster mom, CAROL (541) 432-1630 or (541) 263-0336

**Adopted 2017**


Stormy is a Blue Cream Torti and absolutely beautiful! The photos don't show her
beautiful color. She is also very affectionate and loves human contact.

Adopted in 2017


Pickles is a male brown tabby with enormous eyes! He is bigger than the normal 1
1/2 yr old but his personality is that of a teddy bear! All he wants is love and
affection from us humans.

Adopted in 2017


Daisy is only 10 weeks old. She is a very playful little girl. Daisy’s owner is moving and can't take Daisy with her because they don't allow pets. She had until November 1 to find a new home for Daisy.

Daisy is a very lucky girl! She was adopted only two days after being listed for adoption.

Adopted in 2016


Eddy was one of six kittens born on August 5. All his brothers and sisters were adopted, and his mama is still available.

Eddy is a fun-loving, playful and affectionate yellow tabby male. He enjoys his people and wants to be part of a family. Eddy is gentle and a little shy and is wonderful with children and likes having other cats around to play with.

Adopted in 2016


Delilah and Dally were born July 20, 2016. Their brother, Samson, a friendly orange tabby, is still waiting to be adopted.

Delilah is a beautiful torti, with black, gray and brown striping. She was the runt of the litter but quickly learned how to play and be lovable.

Adopted in 2016


Delilah and Dally were born July 20, 2016. Their brother, Samson, a friendly orange tabby, is still waiting to be adopted.

Dally is a quiet little girl who loves to have her back and tummy tickled.

Adopted in 2016


Magnus is one of two male kittens, born some time mid tolate July, who were bottle fed from three weeks old. His brother, Luke, was adopted on October 1 at our Open House.

Magnus has tufts of beautiful silver-striped fur which he carefully styles for the perfect mad scientist look. He loves to run and climb and play with other kittens and cats. Magnus thinks dogs might be fun to play with as well. He only wants to eat wet kitten food. Just like his brother Luke, Magnus loves to snuggle and cuddle and enjoys being around people.

Adopted in 2016


Honey Boo Boo, a pretty little female calico kitten, was born sometime near the beginning of August or maybe mid August. She wasfound in a ditch alongside Highway 82 by a Joseph Fire Fighter who was heading to take the fire truck for service. She was nothing but skin and bones and barely moving. Though very small for her age, Honey Boo Boohas thrived with the loving care of her foster mom and is looking great.

Adopted in 2016


Sonny is an orange and white male kitten, born near the end of June. He has had his first shots and deworming and is litter box trained.

Sonny is very friendly and not fearful. He loves to face cuddle when he sleeps with you, and enjoys sleeping in each morning.

Adopted in 2016


Luke is one of two male kittens born some time mid to late July. He was bottle fed from three weeks old. He is a snuggler and a cuddler and loves being around people.

Luke has short, silver-striped fur and a sweet gentle disposition. He likes to cuddle up on the couch with you and especially likes it when you rub his ears. Luke is a little finicky and only eats dry kitten food.

Adopted in 2016


Mollie is a beautiful long-haired calico female, about 2 years old. She was a feral,but after being in foster care for a while, she evolved into a beautiful house cat. She is now out of her room all day and explores the entire house. Mollie has met numerous other cats and does not seem to mind them at all. She has even figured out how to get outside via a window, and explores the greatoutdoors as well.

Mollie is very affectionate, will jump into your lap, and do anything for a brushing. Mollie is an ideal indoor/outdoor pet, and no longer hides when strangers come around.

Adopted in 2016


Noah was born July 20, 2016. He's one of a litter of four, three boys and a girl.

Noah is a long-hair, gray, white and black tabby with cute leopard spots on his belly. He is super affectionate and playful and enjoys rubbing his face on your chin and cuddling. Noah likes nothing better than to be a lap kitty.

Adopted in 2016


Purrsey is a handsome young male cat with captivating green eyes. He came in as a stray and was starving for food and attention. He is neutered and appears to be healthy.

Purrsey likes toget close, sometimes walking between people's legs, so he may be a risk for balance-challenged people. Otherwise, he really wants to be a house cat!

Adopted in 2016

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