BRUTUS is a 6 month old (DOB October 16, 2020) Brutus is Akita/husky pup Brutus is a big friendly pup currently weighing in at 56 pounds. He is not a hyper pup and tends to be mellow dog. Brutus has been raised with dogs, cats, and  kids and likes them all! Brutus is crate train, house train (he knows to use the doggy door when he wants out). He walks decently on a leash, he knows some commands like “come and stay”

He is a puppy so he wants to chew and will chew on his toys.

Brutus is schedule for his neuter and wellness check and vaccinations on April 8th.

All interested adopters are subject for approval which may include home checks.  Please submit a  completed a pre adoption form located on WCHS website under canine adoptions.

Contact Kathy Reynolds 541-263-2424.



MURPHY was found in Lostine scared, starving, with a double ear infection, bad eye and impacted teeth! As soon as I pet him he still managed to purr. Murphy is one tough cat, healing quickly with lots of TLC. He now dreams of a forever home of his own to give all his purr-fect love to.

Murphy is 5 years old (born approximately 3/15/16). 

Murphy is UTD on vaccines, neutered and dewormed. He tested Negative for FIV. He is also litter box trained. Murphy gets along with other cats. Murphy likes to eat mainly canned cat food due to missing teeth and will require regular Veterinary visits.  He is a special needs cat.


If interested in adopting Murphy, please contact Foster Mom Elaine at 541-263-1148. $65 adoption fee.

Chatty Cathy

Meet CHATTY CATHY - a spayed, female dark brownk and white tuxedo born approximately October 22, 2020. She is UTD on vaccines, including rabies, dewormed and is litter box trained. Chatty Cathy is a laid back kitty who loves to lay on your lap and cuddle. If interested in adopting Cathy, please contact Foster Mom Elaine at 541-426-2619. $65.00 adoption fee.



This is Shadow a lab mix neutered male 17-month old, who weighs 55 pounds. Shadow has had all his vaccinations. Shadow is great with kids! He likes other dogs, and was raised around cats. Shadow is house trained.

Shadows life began living in a cattle trailer the first 6 months of his life; until a guardian angel came to his rescue and gave him a temporary loving home. His current home is living in a 5th wheel trailer, where he has been living the past several months.

But living in a 5th wheel trailer is not ideal for this young energetic boy and his care givers want a better life for Shadow.

We are looking to give Shadow a foster/furever home where he can have room to play.

Shadow needs a patient loving home who is willing to teach him his basic commands and how to walk on a leash. Shadow can be timid and shy until he gets to know you.

To be interviewed about fostering or adopting Shadow, contact Kathy Reynolds at 541-263-2424 or message me over Facebook messenger.




Introducing Nicholas. Nicholas is a big boy with a big attitude.  This two year old, 18lb neutered male is currently living in a home with multiple cats.  While Nicholas loves kittens and gets along well with dogs, he does not do well in a multiple cat family.  His unique personality is best suited to being an only cat, or at most, one of a pair.  He’s looking for a new home where he can be king and get all the attention he deserves.  And while he is not necessarily a lap cat, he loves to be carried around (if you have the strength) and will sit on the couch next to you while you read or watch a movie. Nicholas is litter box trained, is up to date on all vaccinations, and doesn’t scratch the furniture.

P.S.  Nicholas has never been outside a day in his life.  He is an inside only cat and has never expressed interest in the great outdoors.

If you’re interested, please call 541-398-0393.



Meet Grayson a 2 year old handsome long haired gray male tabby. Grayson is a mellow fellow around other cats and welcomes affection as well as combing.  He is neutered, immunized and ready for a loving family. Contact Foster Mary at 541-398-2428.  Adoption fee is $65.



RED - an orange, neutered, male tabby born approximately April 14, 2020. He is UTD on vaccines including Rabies, dewormed and is litter box trained. Red gets along well with other cats. Red purrs away and is so friendly and loving. He dreams of a lap to call his own. If interested, please contact Foster Mom Elaine Estabrook 541-263-1148 $65.00 Adoption Fee.



RUBY is a spayed 5 year old female. She is UTD on all vaccinations and worming. Ruby is housebroken and was raised with an indoor kitty. She's used to being around horses and other dogs. Ruby loves to go on trail rides or any outdoor activity, just as long as she gets to go!

Ruby was primarily raised around women and can be hesitant towards men, until she gets to know them. Then she's all love! She would be a great addition to any family with kids or a single person. If you'd like to adopt Ruby, please call Sarah at 541-263-1865


Adopted 2021


LILLIE – is a 4 year old, Healer/Lab mix weighing about 40 pounds. Lillie loves, loves, loves people. Bigger kids and adults, afraid of little children. She loves to be pet and gives kisses. She knows basic commands: sit, stay, wait, go is her release command. She is trained not to chase outside “family” cats. But it would be best for no indoor cats because she will try to play too hard with them. She loves fetch, balls and sticks, long walks or hikes, tug of war and stuff toys. Lillie is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. If you are interested in adopting Lillie, please contact, Kathy at 541-263-2424. Adoption Fee is $125



MAX - is a tri-color neutered male tabby born approximately June 20, 2018. He is up to date on vaccines, de-wormed and litter box trained. Max was reluctantly given up due to housing issues. Max used to be a Therapy Cat for his previous owner, so he is a professional lover and cuddler! Max is dreaming of a new home to call his own and wishes everyone Happy Pawlidays! $45. Adoption Fee. If interested, please contact Foster Mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.



Pumpkin (Punky)- is an orange and white, long-haired male tabby born approximately October 15, 2020. He is up to date on vaccines, de-wormed and litter box trained. Pumpkin is a rough and tumble kitty, who lives up to his nickname-Punky. He plays hard but loves even harder! After a full day of playing he loves to cuddle up in his favorite person’s arms. If interested, please contact Foster Mom Mary 541-398-2428 $45. Adoption Fee includes a neuter at either of our Wallowa County Vets when of age.

 Adopted 2020


CHRISTMAS - Her close friends call her Christy! Christmas is a female dark calico kitty, born about Sept 15th, 2020 making her 3 months old. Christmas LOVES the holiday season and is full of the holiday spirit. She is so full of holiday spirit that she would wait until her neighborhood went to sleep for the night, then she would sneak through her chosen cat door and curl up under her chosen Christmas tree for the night! Unfortunately for her, the cats in her chosen house were a couple of Grinches and would NOT let her stay. Bad kitties. They will be getting coal in their stockings! But as luck would have it, she came to us and is now getting all the cuddles she can handle, along with a warm foster home with a snuggly bed. Christmas loves a long cuddle on a lap where her future parent can appreciate her loud and pleasing purring. She feels her purr is one of her finer qualities, but I think her beautiful face and large eyes are pretty special. Christmas is litter box trained and has had her first round of vaccinations and worming. She’s hoping to have a new home by Christmas with a family as special as she is.

Any questions, please call foster mom Julia 541-398-0393. $45 Adoption fee includes a spay at either of our two Wallowa County Vets when of age.

 Adopted 2020


STAR - a black, neutered, male tabby born approximately December 15, 2019. He is up to date on vaccines, de-wormed and litter box trained. Star has beautiful piercing green eyes, a shiny coat and a big, white star on his belly! He loves to play and then curl up on your lap. Star dreams of a Fur-Ever Home for the Holidays. $45. Adoption Fee. Please contact Foster Mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.



Hiram Holliday

HIRAM HOLLIDAY – A Neutered, Orange and White, Male Tabby, born approx. July 18, 2020, is a man about town.  He is up to date on his upper respiratory vaccination and litter box trained.  Don’t let his light blue eyes fool you, after months living on the streets alone, he truly just wants to be in a warm home and loved.  Contact foster mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148. Adoption Fee $45

Adopted 2021

Three kittens

Kittens in Enterprise available for adoption.  Please contact Brennan Hosely at
541-263-0156 if interested.

 Adopted 2020 & 2021



MILLIE - is a tri-colored female tabby born approx. September 7, 2020.  She is up to date  on vaccination and de-worming and litter box trained. She is scheduled to be spayed December 15th.  Millie will sit on your lap, kneading bread on your arm for hours while gently giving you love bites. Millie is a soft, sweet little angel who dreams of a Fur-Ever Home for the Holidays. $45. Adoption Fee includes Spay at either of our Wallowa County Vet Clinics.  Contact Foster Mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.

 Adopted 2020

Ricky & Lucy

RICKY and LUCY – Ricky is a Neutered, Male, Tabby born approx. July 20, 2020, is tightly bonded with his sister Lucy, and because of that we would like to see them be adopted together.  Ricky purrs when you pet him and can't get enough love.  Lucy is a Spayed female tuxedo born approx. July 20, 2020 and is the shy one of the two.  Together they are inseparable and share a brother sister bond.  Both survived a deadly, very contagious disease called panleukopenia and are now strong, healthy kitties.   Both are up to date on vaccines, including rabies and de-worming and litter box trained.  If you would like to adopt Ricky and Lucy, please contact Foster Mom, Karen at 541-521-0811.   $45 Adoption Fee each.  There will be a discount for adopting both Ricky and Lucy together.


Adopted 2021


Adopted 2020

Khloe Kardashian

KHLOE KARDASHIAN – Female, gray tabby with a small orange patch on back of her head.  She was born Sept. 18, 2020. Khloe is the last of the 4 sisters and is even more adorable than in these photos and what a lover!  She is the first to jump in your lap and the first to run to eat!  She and her siblings were bottle babies who were very sick when younger and were not expected to survive, that is why she is smaller than the average 10 week old kitty.  Now she is a very healthy and happy little kitty.  She is up to date on her vaccinations and de-worming, litter box trained and just a pile of fun!  Khloe is a very sweet girl who makes for a loving, cozy home.   If interested in Khloe, please contact Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $45 adoption fee each includes a free spay at either of our Wallowa County Vets when of age.

Adopted 2020

Kylie Kardashian

KYLIE KARDASHIAN – Female, gray tabby born Sept. 18th, 2020.  Her and her sister (KHLOE KARDASHIAN) are even more adorable in person than in these photos, if that is at all possible.  These bottle babies were very sick when younger and were not expected to survive that is why they are smaller than the average 9 week old kitty.  Now they are very healthy, happy little kitties.  They are up to date on their vaccinations and de-worming, litter box trained and just a pile of fun!  Very sweet girls make for a loving, cozy home.  If adopted together, you are guaranteed entertainment just watching them play and love each other.  If interested in adopting one or both, please contact Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $45 adoption fee each includes a free spay at either of our Wallowa County Vets when of age.

Adopted 2020

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