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Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy - A gorgeous 2 year old (born approx. 2017) grey, long-haired, neutered, male cat. He loves to give and get attention! When he's happy you'll know it, he purrs away! He is a very calm cat, seems to like other cats and small dogs. He is litter box trained. He is so well behaved and so loving. He doesn’t even knock the litter out of the box! A very clean cat. He will make a wonderful pet and deserves the BEST fur-ever home! Up to date on his vaccinations and de-worming. Please contact Foster Mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148. $45 Adoption Fee


LINUS – A male, Tuxedo kitty about 3 or 4 years old. Linus came to us looking for help, two of his paws were frostbitten needing immediate medical attention. We got him vet care for his paws, had him neutered, and got him his upper respiratory shot and deworming. We tried to find his owners, but it looks like he was left behind when they moved. He is currently recovering nicely in our foster care. He is sweet and loving. If you would like to meet this gentle boy, please contact Tonya at 1-541- 306-1615 Thank you!


Luca – a male, “ticked” gray tabby born in June 2018, started his little life with a broken leg, scared and hungry, he was given a chance with love. After weeks of healing, a strong healthy boy emerged into a sweet, fun and playful kitty. This little guy plays hard and fast, he's strong and loving and is making up for everything he missed out in as a baby. Loving to be cuddled, he'll let you hold him and carry him around. And don't forget bedtime! He's there to sleep at your feet all night long. This gentle boy has the sweetest spirit and is looking for his forever family. He is Litter box trained and up to date on shots and worming. Please contact foster parents, Cassie or David at 541.805.1205. $40 adoption fee includes a neuter at any of our WC Vets.


Siri - a short hair, male, black and white piebald, with an amazingly sweet disposition. Born approx. June 11, 2018. Siri seeks confirmation that he is loved and wanted and would like to be your forever boy. Every night he's first to bed to cuddle in and awake the next morning to see your day started with love. Siri would adjust well to other pets or as an indoor/outdoor cat as this boy shakes the house up when he crashes through it! Yup, he's not very graceful on his feet. He is Litter box trained and up to date on shots and worming. Please contact foster parents, Cassie or David at 541.805.1205. $40 adoption fee includes a neuter at any of our WC Vets.


Meet Callie, a Calico, born May 15, 2017 she is looking for a loving home. She is an indoor, lap cat who loves to cuddle and purr. At first meeting Callie she is shy and afraid but she warms up quickly. She is very mellow and non-aggressive towards other cats. Callie has been vaccinated, wormed and adjusted beautifully to home life. If you are interested in meeting Callie, please contact her foster mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148.


Darth Vader is still needing a forever home. Darth is a neutered cat, around nine years old, with a sleek black coat. He has become an "Alpha Male" and is no longer allowed to roam free at his foster home. Darth has become a great shop cat with his own fenced in outdoor space. He is clean, uses his litter boxes, and is very affectionate and loveable. Darth needs his own yard or space to roam in, plus an indoor heated space in winter. For an interview with Darth call Karen in Joseph at 541-432-7310.