Adopt A Dog


TOPE - born May 21, 2019. He weighs 80 lbs. He is a mixed breed Siberian Husky/Pyrenees/Akita. Tope has the disposition of a kind, big dog. Right now this sweet nature exists in a large, enthusiastic, easily distracted, high-energy puppy body. He is looking for a friend that will take him places. He loves to go on long hikes! Tope goes for a 3-5 1/2 mile hike/jog/run everyday. After a long run, he is content to lay on the porch with the old dog as long as he has something to chew on (bones, chew toys and stuffed animals).  Tope has an easy-going nature. He accepts new people, dogs, and cats. I have a 10 year old, slow-to-move Great Pyrenees/Border Collie that Tope hangs out with. When they are playing and Tope gets too rough, the older dog lightly reprimands him and Tope immediately stops. My Borgi is old and grumpy and Tope just ignores him.  Tope needs a safe, outdoor space for sleep and play. He comes in the house but does not enjoy it for very long. He finds the house too hot and too confining. He will come in for a visit but wants out after about 30 minutes. If you would like to meet him, please call Foster Mom Kathleen at 541-398-2344. $75 Adoption Fee

Canine Pre-Adoption Application

If you are considering adopting a dog, download, print out, complete and return the Canine Pre-Adoption Application to our Wallowa County Humane Society Center on North River Street in Enterprise $75 Adoption Fee

click here Canine Pre-Adoption Application.pdf to download.