Private adoptions are not arranged through the Wallowa County Humane Society. Therefore, the Wallowa County Humane Society is not responsible for ANY information provided to us by the private party under private adoption. This responsibility is between the pet owner and interested party only. Please call the individual at the phone number given with the listing. 


If interested call or text (541) 663 6234 we are located in Wallowa, OR and my name is Nicolle. Rehoming fee is $150 as per suggestion of a German Shepherd Rescue I have been in contact with. I have had Zeus since he was a puppy. His birthday is April 2nd 2022. He's 1 year and 5 months old. It breaks my heart to have to post this but we have tried everything we can possibly do. He's a talker and a sweetheart. We have him on medications from the vet for separation anxiety. I've tried behavioral training tips I got from a German Shepherd rescue but they aren't working for me. His anxiety is so bad that I'm house bound. He escapes kennels and has tried to bust through our living room windows to get to me when I was outside. His anxiety started shortly after the big storm we had last year in Wallowa that destroyed most of the town. Besides his separation anxiety his only other issue is that no matter how much I socialized him as a puppy, he loves family and is a sweetheart but when it comes to strangers, he's scared of them and he will hide behind me even if it's one of my friends he's seen a lot of times. He loves dogs, his breeder had a cat that he would chase sometimes but never tried to hurt him so I'm not sure how he'd be with cats. He likes to jump up and give hugs, he's a big cuddle bug and is around 86 pounds. His dad was 110 and mom was 80 pounds so somewhere in between there is how much he should end up weighing when he's fully grown. If you adopt him I'd really appreciate updates and pictures. Before adopting him I'll need to talk to your vet and do a virtual home check if you don't live close to me for his safety so I know the environment my fur baby is going to be in. I don't know how he would be with kids as I don't have any but I'm sure just like how he loves his family, he'd love them as his family too. He shows potential to improve and has already started to improve a little, with some work he could be an amazing good boy. He's up to date on shots, microchipped and not neutered and needs to be neutered.  


Her name is Paisley. Paisley is a 6 year old female borderdoodle. She loves fetching, swimming and getting scratches. She gets along well with kids, dogs,and cats. She is a true friend. That's why i have to find her a new home. She loves to run and she will get taken out by one of the wild creatures we have in the woods around our home. She doesn't run if she doesn't have another dog to coax into running with her. She will need to be the only dog or have a good fence. Call Craig at 541-263-2373.


Looking for my forever home with someone that will take me on adventures! Very trainable! My name is Boon and I have a lot of energy. I’m a walker hound and approximately 5 months old. I’ve had my first set of shots.

Asking a rehoming fee

Call Kelly 541-310-0901

This is a private adoption. Please contact the owner, Kelly, directly.



Loki is a year old, male neutered, UTD on vaccines. He is bonded to Freya, but may do better on his own. He is more shy and submissive. Has shown no signs of aggression toward people or pets. He is around 70-80 pounds. 

He is however, a failed livestock guardian dog. He has chased livestock. He needs leash work, due to a lack of exposure. He really just wants his own person and really attached himself to my 4 yr old son. Would make a fabulous hiking buddy for someone. 

A well fenced yard is a must. Also, be aware if you leave them outside, they will bark. They are genetically programmed to do so. 

Rehoming fee 150$

Call or text 971-444-0554



1 year old spayed female. UTD on vaccines. Very very friendly to all people, cats, other dogs. 

Needs leash work, but only due to lack of exposure, no bad habits. 

She is between 60-70 pounds. She is supposedly a Pyrenees/Anatolian mix. Short hair. 

Would make a great running buddy for someone. These are FAILED livestock guardians. I do not recommend them to working homes. A good fence is a must. Also, be aware if they are left outside, this breed will bark. They are genetically programmed to do so. 

Rehoming fee is 150$

Call or text 971-444-0554

Omahk & TomTom

Omahk cat 2023  TomTom cat 2023

Omahk                                                             TomTom

I have two cats, Omahk and TomTom, that need to find a new home. They are litter mates, Omahk is male (neutered, 12 lbs) and TomTom is female (spayed, 15 lbs). They are about 6 years old, up to date on vaccinations and in generally good health. They have been mostly indoor cats, though they have spent some time exploring the yard and seemed to adjust well. Omahk can be pretty active and playful while TomTom is generally content to lounge around. They are both quite affectionate and sociable with people they know. They have lived with dogs in the house and have become very friendly with them.  Asking for a rehoming fee of $25 for each kitty.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact Ed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (541)398-0983.


This is Spot and she is the most loving and personable pup. She will jump right in your lap.

Spot was born on May 29th and is 9 weeks old.  She has not yet had any of her vaccinations or deworming.

Adoption fee is $50.  If interested, please call Shannon at 541-398-0063.


Hook Kitties

Carrot cat 2023Carrot  I currently have three family-friendly outdoor cats (they do like to come inside and cuddle sometimes). All three are super fluffy. They are great hunters. They are fun to watch run around and climb trees in the spring and summer. All three come to their names. Their names are Longsocks (female), Carrot (male), And MooMoo (female). They are all sisters and brother. They have all survived two Winters outdoors with basic shelter provided. They have all been to the veterinarian and had their baby shots.

Because of an imminent work relocation, these kitties need to be adopted as soon as possible.

If you are interested, please contact Joshua at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 208-747-6635.


Cosita is a sweet 4 year old female calico cat who loves to snuggle in your lap. She can be shy at first but will warm up quickly when offered treats. She is an excellent mouse hunter! She can be an indoor/outdoor cat, though she mostly prefers being indoors. She does not like other cats, but she has done well with most dogs (who are nice). She is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. Perhaps she would love to be your new companion? She will come with a litter box, extra food, treats and her beloved scratching post. Asking a $30 rehoming fee to be donated to the Wallowa County Humane Society. If interested, please email Opal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Nash at (541) 398-8142.


Our darling husky/lab/rottweiler mix, Indy Boots, is looking for his forever home.   We have had Indy since he was a puppy.  Our 20 month old is a true mountain dog and would be perfect for adventure loving parents! 

Indy is an energetic, loving boy. He loves to play with other dogs and would do well in a house with another large to medium-sized dog who also enjoys playing. He is the ultimate outdoor pup and thoroughly enjoys long runs, backcountry skis, hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking. While his skills still need some honing, he knows stayshakecomeleave itdrop itto bed, and load up (to get into the car). He is pretty good on a leash, loves riding in the car, doesn't jump fences, and is good with cats. He does well in the house, stays off the furniture, mainly chews on his toys and bones, and is not much of a barker. He will do well with someone who uses positive training tactics, not aggression nor negative reinforcement. He has seen a dog trainer since he was a puppy several times. Indy is neutered and up to date on immunizations. He would do best in a household with children older than 10 years old as he can get nervous around very young kids.

If you are interested in learning more about Indy please send us an email or give us a call and we’d love to chat further.

We are asking a $75 fee for the process of re-homing Indy. We also have extra dog food, leash, dog bed, grooming supplies, dog house and toys that we would be happy to provide to his new family. 

Link to photo album of Indy

Thanks so much,

Kevin & Alyssa 

Contact information: 

Phone: 425-478-1448

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nuala (Nooo-la) is one year old (Feb. 1) and a mixed breed of husky, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and Labrador. She’s a delightful, playful puppy in her almost grown up body. She’s a high energy gal, like a husky. She even paces like a sled dog! She would be perfect for an active person, couple or family. She loves to go! She has been back country skiing off leash and sticks with her person. She loves to hike, run, walk, explore and has excellent leash manners. She does well with other dogs, male dogs especially. She can get territorial with other female dogs. She loves to herd things, currently chickens through the fence. She will chase cats and has gotten in the chicken coop and chased them but not killed any. She loves to play all day and will crash in the evening and sleep all night on her bed or the couch or your bed if you let her. ;) Nuala, Aka Noodle, is good with kids. She’s been around toddlers to big kids and loves to play with all of them! Please consider Nuala as a forever fur friend to join you in your year round active lifestyle. She absolutely LOVES the snow!

To adopt contact Erica 541-398-1393.