Private Adoptions

Private adoptions are not arranged through the WCHS.  Please call the individual at the phone number given with the listing.


Sonny - Here is his sad story.... Sonny and his sibling were dumped at the Joseph public restrooms on Lake Street in 2013, and rescued by a neighbor. They were older kittens, very loveable, use to people, dogs and other cats too. The neighbor saw the car drive off in a hurry, then two kittens popped out of the bushes and tried to follow the car!

Sonny is 7 years old, neutered, shots up to date, litter box trained, a very friendly mellow male, with a beautiful buff colored coat. Indoor/ outdoor and a hunter! 'He is a great pet. Call Karen if interested. 541-432-7310

Baby Hamsters

Baby Hamsters ready Dec. 14, 2019, Photo is of the dad who is NOT for adoption. CALL 541-263-2697


Meet the Sisters - Cute, friendly, sweet black and white female kitties comes to me when called. They are approx. 8 weeks old, eating and drinking well. In need of loving homes. Please call if interested call 541-786-4089


Wild Mama cat brought me these little puffballs to feed!! Would love to find them great homes before winter sets in. I am guessing born first part of Sept. so around 8 weeks old. They are eating soft food and drinking water. The mostly black one is a girl, the black/white sitting outside by himself is a boy and the other black/white outside kennel I have not gotten a good look yet to tell! They calm down quick when you hold them come to food will not take much to tame them down. In Wallowa 541-263-0221

Basket of Kitties

A Basket of Kitties! - These adorable tabby kitties were born in a Garlic field. There are two males and two females all spayed/ neutered. They were born around July 18, 2019, they are friendly Barn Kitties and they will need to be fed during the winter of course. Contact Tom at 541-398-1492.


LAKE – A neutered, tuxedo kitty born approx. 3 years old. He is very friendly, loves to sit in laps, good around dogs. He is a little territorial around other cats. He is a good mouser but no one to care for him at the ranch and he prefers to be around people. He is also litter box trained. If interested contact Grace at 541-398-2131.


SPOT – a 3-year old neutered male, 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Walker Hound mix about 60 lbs. If you have ever been to Minam most likely you have met Spot. My family and I have raised Spot since he was a pup. We do have free range chickens and multiple cats that run around the property. He tries to play with them, but not hurt them. Spot is Kennel trained, this is where he eats, sleeps and has traveled in one on a snowmobile sled. This is his space. Spot loves people and kids and loves to play. He Swims the river and loves the water, not a big fan of baths but in truth he hasn’t had many. He has been rafting and hiking. We have walked him on a leash but will chew through one if he is tied up. We have trained him to use a tracking/shock collar. Spot is house trained. Spot does Not like other dogs. He will run up take a cheap shot at the other dog. We just don’t want to see someone, or someone’s dog get hurt. We just see to many people and dogs at Minam and we can’t keep him kenneled all day. It’s not fair for him. Spot will dig if he thinks there is a mouse/mole/other rodent that he should catch. He learned this from our Jack Russell. Because he has the Walker Hound in him, he will wander. (In fact you may have seen him on the road a time or two while driving by Minam.) This has been a hard decision to make for our family. We love our dogs, but because we live so close to the highway and that we can’t trust him around other dogs, we are forced to find him a new home. We (as a family) would love to find him a home and new family that loves the outdoors, boating included. Contact Lottie at 541-437-1111 Minam Store, 541-910-3956 cell.


EDWARD – A tuxedo kitty, born approx. Oct. 2018. He is neutered, and friendly with other cats. He is an Inside/Outside cat and loves catnip and being brushed. Contact Lisa at 503-969-8367


MARVIN - He is an Orange Tabby about 6 years old and spent most of that time on his own. I trapped him last winter and took him to the vets where he got his shots, wormed , some injuries fixed and neutered. He has ears that have been damaged, but they give him a unique look. He so wants to live in a house and sleep on the couch, loves to be petted and have his head scratched. He is so desperately is wanting love. He is very brave, dogs, cats and kids don’t scare him, but I think he would be happiest in a home where he got to be king. Please call Barb at 503-778-0515 or, Carol at 541-263-0336. If you would like to meet this incredible guy!


Charlee is a spayed, female, red border collie, born March 2016. She is very lovable and loves to cuddle. Charlee is mostly an inside dog and has a lot of energy and has been struggling with being bored. She needs a home with lots of space to run. I unfortunately do not have the time to give her what she needs. It breaks my heart to see her go but I want to do what best for her. Charlee is kennel trained, cat friendly, loves kids and knows basic commands (sit, lay, bow, shake). Charlee is micro chipped, leashed trained and would be a good working dog with some training. She loves to ride in the car and is potty trained. There will be a small re-homing fee. Please call Joy at 541-398-0017 if you would like to meet her.