Private adoptions are not arranged through the Wallowa County Humane Society. Therefore, the Wallowa County Humane Society is not responsible for ANY information provided to us by the private party under private adoption. This responsibility is between the pet owner and interested party only. Please call the individual at the phone number given with the listing. 

Ruthie and Marty

Meet a sweet little female named “Ruthie” (left in photo) and her look-a-like brother “Marty” (right in photo). They are 12-14 weeks old. They have gotten the first set of vaccinations and were neutered/spayed at Enterprise Animal Hospital. They need their second booster vaccinations on August 26.

Ruthie is a little shy but loves to play with balls, mice on strings and bottle caps. and sniff human feet. Her brother Marty is in training for the Cat Olympics, very agile and strong. Both cats have been raised inside and are robust and ready to go NOW.

Make a $25 donation for each cat and pick up the voucher for second boosters at Enterprise Animal Hospital and give both of them a loving forever home because these are great kittens! 

Jean 509-876-1169



Ruthie cat 2021



Marty cat 2021








Pudding & Bernard

TWO ADORABLE HOUSE RABBITS- Pudding and Bernard are bonded house rabbits looking for a forever home. I've been taking care of them since their original owner gave them up, but I can't keep them long term. They are both neutered and litter box trained and live indoors. They have big personalities and love to get pets, run around, nap together, explore and sniff everything, eat parsley snacks, and chew on apple tree twigs. House rabbits are affectionate, hilarious companion animals. In terms of expense and time commitment think in terms of a cat: they need occasional upkeep and vet care, space to run around in a bunny proofed enclosure (or house!), toys to play with and chew, and love and attention. These buns would not do well with a dog or very young children. They could peacefully coexist with the right cat. To adopt or for more info contact Grace: (570) 951-9419.

Sweet Pea Kitty

Hi my name is Sweet pea Kitty and my mom and dad have decided to go on a long, long road trip and I don't want to go. I'm 16 years old and just do not want to travel. My mom didn't keep my shots up because I'm an indoor Kitty .I don't go outside and I'm not around other pets (accept my brother who is a bully and I won't miss him). Oh, she had me declawed. I am very sweet girl though. My mom likes to call me her "Sidecar Kitty" as I don't often get in her lap. I like to sit beside her and get pets. I have a soft voice and sometimes I'll go up to my mom and start talking to her. She always knows what I need whether it's some loving or I need some cat food. Oh and one final note, my mom loves me very very much and she knows I don't want to ride around in a car so if you're an older adult (with no kids as I am very shy and sensitive) and want a loving little kitty beside you - I'm your girl !!  Looking forward to meeting you just give my mom (Beth) a call at 541-786-5633.


SCOOTER - Scooter is a 10 month old border collie/Pyrenees mix. She is UTD on her vaccinations. She gets along with other dogs, small and large after being properly introduced.  She loves kids.  Scooter would make a wonderful family dog and be a terrific guard dog for a family.

If interested in meeting Scooter, Contact Kacie Young 541-398-1567.