Private Adoptions

Private adoptions are not arranged through the WCHS.  Please call the individual at the phone number given with the listing.


A special home for a good looking, young, red and white Border Collie male.  I got Ira from a friend as a rescue dog because he would not work with other dogs in the canyons or on the prairie. He acts like “the last pup out of the litter” with a “why hasn’t somebody chosen me yet?” attitude. He’s leery of strangers, but is better with women. He’s well bred, and very active with a strong sense of preservation … needs space to run and play.  My husband has advanced Alzheimers disease and I am moving from our 100 acre farm to town; and as such I have no place for a teenage canine. It breaks my heart, but it would not be a fair situation for Ira! Anyone out there willing to provide a good home for a young, (at least 1 to 2 yr. old) red BC male? If so, please contact Juanita Waters at 541–263-1467. Thank you.


BUNNIES – Born April 28, 2019, are 2 male bunnies that we would love to find amazing homes. Either in a 4h home or as a pet. They have been hand raised since 8 days old when a rattle snake killed their mom and 2 sibling of theirs. They are both very sweet and lovable. We are asking for an adoption fee of $20, the money to go to my 7 yr old daughter which the doe was hers 😞. Sad story but hoping they boys can find amazing homes! Contact Dawn at 541-577-3177

Little Bit

Little Bit – Born April 2019, a female shorthair dark Calico. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty, very loving and easy going. Loves to play and is good with kids and adults. She is liter box trained and scheduled for her spay. If interested contact Janet at 541-398-1317


Blacky – Born April 2019, a female shorthair all black kitty. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty who is very curious about everything going on around her. She is very loving and loves to be held and pet. She is liter box trained and scheduled for her spay. If interested contact Janet at 541-398-1317

Grey Ball

Grey Ball – Born April 2019, a female shorthair all grey kitty. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty who loves attention. She is very mellow and even tempered, a sweet nature. She is liter box trained and scheduled for her spay. If interested contact Janet at 541-398-1317


Yeller – Born April 2019, this male is a beautiful yellow, shorthair tabby with eyes like marbles. He gets along with people and other kitties. He loves attention and will follow you around to see what you are into. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who loves to climb trees. He is liter box trained and scheduled for a neuter. If interested contact Janet at 541-398-1317


We call him Buster. He was found in the middle of the gravel road 2 weeks ago, probably born around May 18, 2019. His eyes were matted and he had not been taken care of by his mamma. The hawks were circling and he was lucky we came upon him. We have doctored his eyes and loved on him so he is playful and friendly. He likes sleeping in a sunny window and playing with corks! He's litter box trained and likes to purr! Our wonderful Wallowa County Humane Society will help with neutering costs when he's old enough. Please call Lori or Tom: 541-263-8045. Located in rural Joseph.

Al-Qaeda Kitty

My name is Al-Qaeda Kitty! I'm a little over a year old. I am a spayed female, am UTD on vaccines for 3 years and have been de-wormed. Don't let my name fool you, I'm all love! I crave attention, will sit on your lap and give you a "paw-bump". I even love dogs!! I especially like men but really just want to be with someone who has the time for me. I come with all the supplies to take care of me, including this cool Cat Tree I'm sitting on!. Please Call Tim Parks at 541-398-0380


ALFIE – a Neutered Lab/German Shepherd mix, will be 6 on 9/2/19 and is up to date on his vaccinations. Alfie and one of my other dogs can not get along, and I'm afraid that one of them is going to get seriously injured. He is currently being cared for at a friends home and gets along fine with her dog. He is a big boy, and he doesn't like to have his back end messed with, so he needs to go to a home with no small children. He loves kids, but needs to have his boundaries respected. Here is Alfie's information: Alfie knows basic commands sit, high five, beg, and lie down(with some coaching). He loves to play fetch and LOVES car rides. Alfie really is a sweet boy, he just doesn't like my other dog. If you are interested in Alfie, contact Noka at 541-263-1638