Private Adoptions

Private adoptions are not arranged through the WCHS.  Please call the individual at the phone number given with the listing.


Indie is about 3-1/4 years old. He is a neutered standard poodle and weighs 90 lbs. Absolutely a no with cats! He hates cats! Other dogs? Depends. Can come accross agressive when being first introduced. Since Indie is a big dog weighing in at 90 lbs, he could easily knock over a youngster or a senior citizen by mistake. He is up to date on all vacinations and is under the care of Double Arrow. Indie was my wife’s Linda dog and he is partial to women. Indie is curious, friendly, willful, sneaky, devoted and one of the smartest dogs i've ever encountered. He deserves a good family. Contact Harold Black 541 398 0034

Bravo 1

"Bravo 1" is a spayed female, born approx. June 2018. A strong, vibrant jet-black kitten with golden eyes. Up to date on vaccinations and worming. She is rather shy but has had human contact ever since she was tiny. She has been living outside but seems inclined to cozy up to humans, especially when food is presented! With a bit of love and trust i'm sure she'll be easily domesticated. Please call jakob @ 541.432.7121 if you are interested in this sweetie!