Easter & Mother's Day Basket Raffle Thankyou 2022


Dog Wash Summer 2022

Our third Dog Wash of the year, Saturday, August 13 from 11am to 3pm.  $5.00 small dogs & $10.00 for large dogs.  Location is in the alley behind the Enterprise Fire Station.

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Mother's Day Basket Raffle 2022


Barn Sale 2022

barn sale flyer CJD 2022

Easter Bake Sale 2022


Saddle Benefit Raffle


Broncs and Bulls 2021

WCHS sold the 50/50 tickets for  a chance, for the person who’s ticket was drawn, to win half the ticket sales with Broncs and Bulls .  The catch was one chosen bull rider in the last event of the championship bull ride, had to stay the eight seconds for the ticket holder to win.  He didn’t .  The money went to the WCHS.  Broncs and Bulls donated their half also.  $317.00.  Thank you Lee Daggett and Broncs and Bulls.  Thank you Jane Dunn, Sherry Murphy, Cathy Fish, Julia Peterson, Carol Vencill for ticket sales and a chance to visit with many people.

BroncsBulls2021 BroncsBulls2021 2

Show and Shine 2021


The WCHS will be the recipient of half, (50/50) of the ticket sales, this year at the Show and Shine car show.  We will be selling tickets along with Bob Rush on Main St., during the event on Saturday and answering questions about the WCHS.  Our Re-tail Boutique and Information Center will be serving refreshments and extending our hours that day.  A fun time for all.  Come buy a ticket for a chance to win $$$.ShowAndShine2021

Barn Sale Labor Day Weekend 2021

BARN SALE, Labor Day Weekend. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 3rd, 4th & 5th.  9:00am to 4:00pm.  Fundraiser to help the animals of the WCHS for 20+ years.  Come find a treasure and visit the goats.  They are waiting for your attention and head rubs.

End of Wilson Ln off Hwy. 82, near Joseph.  Follow signs to the Vencill’s 10,000 sq. ft.  (Riverview Dairy barn)

Everything's Fine with Cats & Wine


Autumn "8" Bag Sale 2021


Mrs. Evans Kindergarten Class

Thursday, June 4th 2021 we were surprised by Mrs. Evans Kindergarten Class in a BIG WAY! It was just 12:30 on that sunny afternoon and in walked about 20 of the proudest children we have ever seen! One of them handed over a big, bright orange box and said "please open this" with a big grin on his face. We opened the box and were stunned to find it FULL of money! $1,195.00 FULL OF CASH! As I read the note posted below aloud, my voice trembled and tears of joy fell from my eyes. These kids have hearts so big! In a world full of chaos, they chose to give back, to save the helpless, the ones that can't help themselves-the animals of our County. We are so very proud of these kids! THANK YOU! Mrs. Evans and 2021 Kindergarten Class: FRONT ROW: Finley, Kathy,Trinity, Jace ON THE COUCH: TJ, Trey, Arion, Remedy, Harley, London BEHIND THE COUCH: Kade, Steven, Carson, Orion,Colt, Jordan, Marshall, Emmet (holding the sign), Mary Perreault Gassett, Carol Vencill, Petie Evans.


Annual Feline Spay and Neuter Extravaganza 2021

Canine Spay & Neuter Bonanza August 17 & 18, 2021

Canine spay and neuter extravaganza 2021

WCHS Silent Auction 2021

WCHS Silent Auction, located at the Joseph Community Center during the Jingle thru Joseph Holiday Bazaar, Friday, November 26th 9am to 5pm and Saturday, November 27th 9am to 4pm.  Again the following weekend Friday, December 3rd 9am to 5pm and Saturday,  December 4th 9 to 4pm.  Silent Auction ends at 3pm on the 4th.

Thirty + cool items to bid on.  All proceeds from this Silent Auction will go toward the future WCHS Sanctuary.

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Pets Poison April 2019

AprilClass 2019

Dog Wash Summer 2021

WCHS DOGWASHDogWash June 2021 2 DogWash June 2021 3DogWash June 2021 4DogWash June 2021

Mustang Training 2019

MayClass train Mustangs 2019

Holiday Bake Sale

2021 thanksgiving bake sale

Successful fund raiser as always at WC Grain Growers. Totaling $970.00, (a record for our annual Thanksgiving bake sale), with one pie fetching $100.00.

Thank you everyone.

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2019 Share Your Heart Valentine Event