Shilo – A 2 year old spayed female Lynx Point. Her owner passed away and now Shilo is in our Foster care. She is beautiful, friendly and loveable. No training needed here, she is well adjusted to home life. She is dog friendly too! Please contact Foster Mom, Danielle 458-206-9570 if you would like to give Shilo a new loving home. $40 adoption fee and you can have a wonderful companion in Shilo.

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Kermit - This sweet little kitten is a male FLAME POINT. Kermit was born around April 29, 2018, is very sweet and friendly. He loves to play with string and his litter mates. Kermit likes to cuddle and purrs when you hold him. He gets along with my three dogs and three cats. Kermit is litter box trained, and has had his first shots and deworming. If you think Kermit is the right fit for your family please contact foster mom, Emily Bright at 541-398-2090. Adoption Fee $40 this includes neuter when old enough.

**Adopted 2018**

Ms Piggy

Meet Miss Piggy – this sweet Torte is very affectionate yet independent. She likes to be pet and purrs when you rub her ears but is happy to be on her own as well. She loves yarn and playing with her brothers and sisters. She gets along very well with my three dogs and three cats. She was born around April 29, 2018. She is litter box trained, and has had her first Shots and deworming. If you think Miss Piggy would be a good fit for your family contact Emily Bright 541-398-2090. Adoption Fee $40 this includes spay when old enough.


**Adopted 2018**


Meet Rizzo - this silly Orange and white KINKED TAIL kitten is friendly and adventurous. He was born around April 29, 2018. He sometimes prefers to drink his water using his paw, which is pretty adorable. He loves to play with his siblings and string. But when play time is over he is an affectionate purring kitten. He gets along well with my three dogs and three cats. Rizzo is litter box trained, and has had his first Shots and deworming. If you think Rizzo would be a good fit for your family contact Emily Bright 541-398-2090. Adoption Fee $40 this includes neuter when old enough.

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Gonzo - this cute little Orange and White BOBTAIL is outgoing and fearless. He was born around April 29, 2018. He loves to play with string or his cat toys and loves to purr on your lap. He gets along very well with my three dogs and three cats. Would easily adapt to any situation as he is brave and adventurous. He is also a character, smarter than the average cat he provides endless entertainment and let you know when he wants his wet food. Gonzo is litter box trained, and has had his first shots and deworming. If you think Gonzo is the right fit for your family please contact foster mom, Emily Bright at 541-398-2090. Adoption Fee $40 this includes neuter when old enough.

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Trayco a 5 yr. old neutered male Rat Terrier. He does not bark and is house trained. The owner is needing to re-home his 2 loyal and loving dogs due to health reasons. He can no longer care for them. Please contact Jerry at 541-426-8613 for more info.

Adopted 2019


Hi! My name is Chief I am 4 years old, I have had all my shots and I am neutered. I love kids, I like cats and other dogs.  I am a full blooded Lab my parents were trained to hunt for Antlers and that's what I love to do too! Its in my blood.  I love the outdoors with lots of room to run. I need a active family who will take me hiking and horn hunt! Or throw my all time favorite... a TENNIS BALL!! Preferably my new family will have the property where I can run and be a lab. I LOVE to eat too! So keep my food stored in a rubber made tub or I will eat it all gone. To learn more about me and how to apply for my adoption call Kathy Gisler Reynolds at 541-263-2424 she is the one handling my adoption. Adoption fee is $75.

**Adopted 2018**

Lil Bear

Lil Bear the purring machine! Born approx. Jan 2018 this little ball of fur loves to be loved and pet. He will grow into a large shimmering silver cat looking as regal as ever. He is up to date on his vaccinations, is liter box trained and neutered. Please contact Foster Mom Elaine for more details at 541-263-1148. Adoption Fee $40

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Tigiak a 6 year old neutered Border Collie who I rescued from Alaska. He was living on a short chain almost his entire life with gravel beneath him....not a blade of grass or tree in sight. He was having to eat snow for water and on occasion got fed. He was matted never having been brushed or bathed. He was not “abused” but very much neglected and ignored. Since living with me, he now has two playmates and has quickly adopted to his new environment. He peed on the first tree he saw no less than 25 times within the first 5 minutes. He is everything I had hoped he would be. He is a Border Collie! Smart, sweet, well behaved, dog friendly. Can’t ask for more than that, he is a very happy boy now! He has been wormed and had his rabies and kennel cough vaccinations. I am asking a $50 adoption fee. Please contact Melanie if you are wanting to provide Tigiak with the loving home he so deserves 541-398-0065 or 541-432-1167.

**Adopted 2018**


Copper is a Walking Tree Coonhound born January 14th 2017. She weighs approx 40 pounds. She is a very active fun loving dog who loves children and dogs. She is current on all vaccinations and has not yet been spayed. She has been trained with basic commands and is house trained. Her owners are only giving her up for adoption as they have another large dog and two big dogs is to much without a fenced yard and busy schedule. Copper came to her owners through a friend who could not keep her so they took her to give her a home. Copper is extremely friendly and is in need of more socialization. The ideal family for Copper would be a home with an active family preferably with a large fence yard to give her plenty of room to play. Adoption fee is $75. If Copper looks like she is for you and your family. Contact Kathy Reynolds 541-263-2424.

**Adopted 2018**


Sophie is about 4 years old, possibly five, healthy, spayed and up-to-date on shots. Sophie gets along with cats, has learned to like people,-- Including the UPS driver --and, for a terrier/cattle-dog/hound mix has learned basic obedience pretty well. One needs to be firm and consistent. She would LOVE to have another dog she could actually play tug-of-war with-- though introductions would need to be careful/slow-- she is still uncertain of the intentions of other dogs. She does well with women and is learning that men are OK too. She is a high-energy dog who would love to have older (10 years plus) kids in her life. She is mischievous, and a dog who needs something to do. Please contact Ellen at 541-398-1810. Adoption Fee is $75.

**Adopted 2018**


This is Skeeter, he was born June, 2017 and currently weighs 30 lbs. He was rescued from living in a barnyard. Never had been in a house and was fed mostly leftover breads and such from a food bank. He now has had all his shots including rabies and is neutered. Skeeter is a real cuddler and loves to sleep on your lap in bed. He does like to get out of the yard and is hard to get him back so he needs a very secure yard. He was use to running all over the neighborhood before being rescued. He is very good with kids and meeting new people. Loves other dogs and gets along well with them. He responds well to positive reinforcement and Skeeter Loves to go for walks in a leash. If you are interested in meeting Skeeter please contact Kathy at 541-263-2424. Adoption Fee is $75

**Adopted 2018**


Luna was born December 30, 2017. Luna is very sweet and loves people! Her Mom is a chocolate lab mix and her Dad is brown and white border collie mix. She will make a loyal and loving friend for someone. Would be a great family companion. Luna is also UTD on her vaccinations. She is not spay at this time. If you are interested in Luna, please contact Kathy at 541-263-2424. Adoption Fee is $75

**Adopted 2018**


Sparky is a terrier / Maltese mix. He is two-three years old and up to date on all his shots. He has been recently neutered. He lives up to his name. He has a sweet nature but is all boy. A fun little guy who needs a family to love him. Please contact Will at 541-263-1377.

**Adopted 2018**


Toby is an eleven year old beagle. Toby has been neutered and up to d ate o nhis shots. Toby is all beagle. He is lovable and sweet in nature. He needs an older couple or retired person to love him. Please contact Will at 541-263-1377

**Adopted 2018**


Vey - An elegant gentleman that shimmers like blue-grey silk when he moves. Just about one year old, he is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations and litter box trained. He needs a window so he can watch all that is happening outside, when he isn’t being pet. Once you are “his” person, he will wrap his arms around your arms to say, “your mine!”. $40 adoption fee

Call Foster Mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148 if you would like to meet him.

**Adopted 2018**


Roscoe was a rescue dog from the Humane Society in Eugene Oregon 04/2017, he's nearing 7 years of age. He's a great companion and loves lots of attention. He's great on walks and loves to go for rides. Roscoe does like other dogs but has a hard time identifying what is or is not aggression. When he does perceive aggression he will be the dominate male, so some caution should be taken. Him being the only dog would be best. Roscoe has very good manners, he does not get into the garbage, take food from the counter or chew up anything, he doesn't even bark when someone comes to the door, but he doesn't care too much for being left by himself. Should Roscoe be around other animals no toys should be around, whether they are his or another's he will become very territorial, the same goes with his food and owner. Roscoe is great with people and kids, but is kind of like a bull in a china shop around children, I believe due to his size.

He does have a large cage/kennel that comes with him and a harness and leashes, a regular kennel cant hold/secure him, He'll need to get reacquainted with it, where he was living there was no need for it. He doesn't chase deer or cats, he's a pretty remarkable dog, unfortunately I can't have him where I've relocated.

I'm available for any questions or concerns, I'd really like to make sure he's in a good home and those willing to care for him have all the information they'll need to make the decision to add him to their family.

Please contact Charlene Borges at 971-371-6230 if you are interested in Roscoe. My schedule is not consistent, so you may need to leave a voicemail so I can return your call.

**Adopted 2018**

Amani and Uhuru

We are 4 yrs. old neutered brothers, who are Indoor/Outdoor cats. Both boys are up to date on their vaccinations, and are very loving. They sometimes like to play tag with each other, and chase around the house. But most of the time they just like to lay around, find windows to look out of, and dream about being outside.

Uhuru is a lot more outgoing then Amani. He finds it easier to make friends. Even though Amani is the bigger of the two , he is more cautious and prefers to find a dark place and kind of see how things go before I jump into new situations. He also feels safer sleeping under a couch or behind a chair or in a dark corner. Uhuru, when he is a bit scared is more likely to try to get up high. If he can, he will jump up onto the top of the cabinets and watch from up high. He is the first to come out and meet and great. When they are calm and together, though, Uhuru is the one that really likes to give Amani a bath. He really loves Amani, and Amani really loves Uhuru. Because of the love between them, we would love to see them both find a home together if possible.

We do hope to find a new home that they can make their own; and a new mom and dad that they can get to love as much as they have loved the ones they had. Please call Carol at (541) 263-0336.

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Lilith! This sweet little girl plays hard and then curls up to be held during nap time. No fear in this gal, she plays with other cats and kids and would be willing play with a dog or two. This beautiful calico has the softest fur with bright colors. But, be prepared to share everything you eat with her or she might just steal it!  Unfortunately, Lilith is afraid of small children, and would not be a good fit with a family with little kids.

Lillith is up to date on her vaccinations and is litter box trained and ready for a permanent, loving home. To meet this little girl, call foster parents David or Cassie for an appointment at 541-805-1205. $40 adoption fee.

**Adopted 2018**


Charlie a long haired tuxedo boy all spruced up and ready to go to his new home. He was born around September 1, and was trapped in a chicken coop in Joseph. He is now adorable, personable, lively and healthy and neutered too. A $40 Adoption Fee takes him home. Call Karen in Joseph for an interview, 541-432-7310.

Adopted 2019