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Odie is approx 5 years. He is a chihuahua mix, neutered male, weighs 10-11 lbs. His perfect home would be the only dog, to a single person or couple who wants a lap dog that will give you lots of love. His owner does not know how he is around cats as he has never been around one before. If Odie sounds like the perfect dog for you, contact Renee’ Garoutte at 541-359-5474

**Adopted 2018**


Melody – Born in May of 2017, is this beautiful, spayed female Tortie who loves to cuddle on your lap or in bed. Is the most vocal of her siblings. She likes to play any time, but is shy in a new environment. She has been living with two small dogs. Litter box trained, de-wormed and up to date on her vaccinations. Call Foster Mom Elaine if interested at 541-263-1148. There is a $40 Adoption Fee.

**Adopted 2018**


Rita – Born July, 2017, is a beautiful female blue/cream tortie

She has good manners, uses her litter box and loves to be cuddled. She is still a bit shy around strangers but getting better, she does well around other cats. She is up to date on her vaccinations and de-worming. Her coloring is beautiful and has a very sweet face. She will be ready for adoption after November 15, 2017.

If interested please contact her foster mom, Trudy at 541-432-3706.

**Adopted 2017**


Pip was born in May of 2017. She is a spayed female tabby with a creamsicle coat with swirls of orange and cream. She has long, silky fur. Pip is Playful, gentle and very friendly.

Pip is up to date on her shots and de-worming. A $40 adoption fee and you can have a wonderful, loving addition to your family in Pip.

If you are interested in adopting PIP, please contact Carol @ 541-432-1630.

**Adopted 2018**


Piper is a beautiful black neutered male with a white spot on his chest, born in May of 2017. He is very friendly yet a little bit shy at first, but loves attention. Piper has long hair and a “regal” glossy black coat that would add a classy look to any home decor.

Piper is up to date on his shots and de-worming. A $40 adoption fee and you can have a wonderful companion in Piper.

If you are interested in adopting PIPER, please contact Carol @ 541-432-1630.

**Adopted 2018**


Alany was dumped off at a field with her momma and is now HOMELESS and needs to find a loving home. “Alany” is a blue cream female tortie. Alany is very friendly and weaves in and out of a husbands legs wanting love and attention. Alany appears to be at least 3 months old. She is Spayed and ready for a home. If you are interested in Alany, please contact Shane at 503-351-4908

**Adopted 2018**


OUTLAW was found in a yard in Enterprise. This kitten was very frightened and nothing but skin and bones and needed some TCL. Lucky for him, he went to the right house and found the care he needed. Outlaw was born around August 11, 2017.

Today, OUTLAW is a healthy, thriving young male with Siamese markings. He gets along with other cats and small dogs. In fact, his best buddy is a small dog who taught him how to fetch! He is liter box trained, up to date on his vaccinations and de-worming and is ready to find a loving home to be a part of their family.

OUTLAW can be your loyal, best friend for a $40 adoption fee. This will include a neuter at any WC Vet Clinics when of age.

If you are interested in OUTLAW, please contact Foster mom, MARY at 541-398-2428.

**Adopted 2017**

Princess Puff Tail

“PRINCESS PUFF TAIL” was abandoned by her ‘so called’ family! Left in Enterprise to fend for herself. Luckily, she was found by a loving human willing to care for her until she finds her forever home. This Royal gray and white, long hair tabby is dog, cat and kid friendly. She is less than a year old, born around March, 2017.

Princess Puff Tail is a sweet gal who loves to cuddle. She is an excellent companion with excellent house manners. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, an excellent mouser and stays close to home when outside. She uses the dog’s doggy door to go in and out. She is dog friendly.

Please call Michelle at 541-263-0491 if you’re interested in meeting this BEAUTIFUL ROYAL GAL. Adoption Fee is $40

**Adopted 2017**


TIG born around May 29, 2017 is a short-hair, gray tabby, male with markings like a Tiger! He is the runt of the litter, very affectionate and very rambunctious! He is loving and friendly to all. Tig has had his first vaccinations, deworming, is litter box trained and ready for a permanent, loving home. $40 adoption fee

Call Foster Mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148 if you would like to meet this special guy.

 **Adopted 2018**


Izzy – aka “Queen Izzy” is a brown ticked tabby spayed, female. Izzy is approx. 18 months old. She will take over your house and your heart. She loves a high perch to survey her kingdom, but your lap is her favorite spot. A ping-pong ball will have her lose the dignity but only briefly. Izzy does have special dietary concerns and is currently fed a grain-free natural cat food and has done well on it. Izzy has been spayed, vaccinated and is liter box trained. And yes, she would love a spot on your bed to cuddle up with you. If you are interested in Izzy, please contact Foster mom, Elaine at 541-263-1148.

**Adopted 2018**


Maia - Grey Torbie female who is a fabulous bobtail as well! She is approximately 2 years old. Maia was brought into the Humane Society paralyzed on the back half of her body. She had a litter of 6 kittens and fought hard to keep them alive. After a seizure, she has regained full function of her body and now plays hard with no hint of any special conditions. Maia would love a home that is safe and stress free to avoid any future episodes. Maia has the long back legs of a bob tail cat and a very funny personality to match. She is very playful and will come and lay down right on top of you at any time. Maia has been spayed, vaccinated and is litter box trained. She loves to cuddle into your arms while you're sleeping at night, and she is so gentle she won't wake you. This girl is truly very special. If you are interested in MAIA, please contact Foster Mom, Cassie at 541-805-1205.

**Adopted 2018**


Meet Sammy – A 7 year old, spayed Beagle/Jack Russell mix. She is under 20 lbs. and is house broken. She is friendly with adults and children. Better as an only pet, no other dogs or cats. She would make a great companion dog. If interested, please contact Grace at (541) 398-2131

**Adopted 2017**


LILY Born June, 2017, is a very sweet spayed female gray tabby. She purr-fers to be pet and loves treats and playtime. Lily is up to date on her vaccinations and de-worming. She is litter box trained, walks on a harness and is ready to find her permanent, loving home.

If you are interested in Lily, please contact Foster mom, Sue at 541- 432-3907

**Adopted 2018**


Would you like some bubbly joy in your life? Well, you must meet Missy! As you can see from the pictures, she has personality plus. Can you relax this way? She is spayed and had her first shots and is litter box trained. Missy loves evening walks (I walk, she runs). She isn't a cuddler but does love her tummy rubbed and lays at anyone's feet. She greets visitors at the door and goes into her rub and talks to them in her soft pleasant voice. She gets along great with male cats but not female. Missy has played with the neighbor's small dog and got along great. She wants to help with chores inside and out. Missy will make a wonderful pet for a family or a single person. She wraps herself around ankles so might be suitable for an older person.

Call Diana Bolin at 541-426-5918 and make an appointment to see this amazing 7 month old kitty that will steal your heart. Evenings are the best time to reach me.

Naomi Louise

4 month old Female, Havaton needing an active, loving home with children and/or other small dogs to play with. This is a hearty breed, she is very social, fearless and unaware of danger as with most puppies. Don’t turn your back on this one! She is potty trained although may have “accidents” if not taken out often.

**Adopted 2017**


Here is a picture of Gage, lab/Border Collie, about 9 years old.  He has good manners and has been around children and cats.

**Adopted 2017**


Ruby - A border collie/hound mix that is about 5 months old - has all shots and I'll spay her but asking for $50 for rehoming - smart dog - has been raised in a bedroom and I'm trying house break and I'm working on sit, stay, leave it and other things. If interested in meeting Ruby, please contact Shirley Scott 541-577-3051

 **Adopted 2017**


Garfield – Born in May of 2017, a neutered male, orange tabby who likes a little one-on-one time sitting on your lap. He likes other animals including dogs and loves to play with his toys. Litter box trained, de-wormed and up to date on his vaccinations. Call Foster Mom Elaine if interested at 541-263-1148. There is a $40 Adoption Fee.

**Adopted 2018**


Trouble – Male Orange Tabby is the largest of the liter. Happy playful. Ready to nap with any one willing. Adventurous, likes other animals dogs and cats. Litter box trained, dewormed and vaccinated. Call Foster Mom Beth if interested at 541-263-2880. There is a $40 Adoption Fee.

**Adopted 2018**

King George

King George – Born in May of 2017, is a neutered Male, Lighter Orange Tabby who is very Independent. He is a definite “Lap Cat” who lives up to his nickname “Lover Boy”. Very playful and friendly and has been living with two small dogs. Litter box trained, de-wormed and up to date on his vaccinations. Call Foster Mom Elaine if interested at 541-263-1148. There is a $40 Adoption Fee.

**Adopted 2017**

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