ALFIE – a Neutered Lab/German Shepherd mix, will be 6 on 9/2/19 and is up to date on his vaccinations. Alfie and one of my other dogs can not get along, and I'm afraid that one of them is going to get seriously injured. He is currently being cared for at a friends home and gets along fine with her dog. He is a big boy, and he doesn't like to have his back end messed with, so he needs to go to a home with no small children. He loves kids, but needs to have his boundaries respected. Here is Alfie's information: Alfie knows basic commands sit, high five, beg, and lie down(with some coaching). He loves to play fetch and LOVES car rides. Alfie really is a sweet boy, he just doesn't like my other dog. If you are interested in Alfie, contact Noka at 541-263-1638