Brie and Feta are sister and brother, 8 week old kittens born in late April. Brie, the female, is white with some light grey, and her eyes are grey/blue. Feta, the male, has light and dark grey markings. His eyes are deep blue. They are both litter box trained, eat regular kitten chow, have had their first shots and deworming.

Brie and Feta are very social and frien!dly, and get along with small dogs. They keep each other busy and play a lot. We were hoping for them to be adopted into the same home, and they were!

Adopted in 2016


Ginger was left all alone when her owner died and no one stepped up to take care of her. Someone called the WCHS to let us know that Ginger needed help. She's 11 years young, but very agile and in good health.

Ginger is very affectionate and craves human attention and companionship.

Adopted in 2016


Flip got adopted before we had a chance to list him on the website! Someone saw himat the Bowlby Bash and "flipped" for him. No wonder, he's a great-looking little fella.

Flip is a playful guy with a super-sweet personality. His brothers and sisters are still waiting to be adopted, and we hope they'll be as lucky as he is.

Adopted in 2016


Dusty is one of themost adorable kittens you'll ever find. Just look at those big beautiful eyes! He is a lynx point, with a cute little tail that you can see peeking out in his photo.

Dusty is Hoppy's brother. Hoppy was adopted just a couple days before Dusty. Starting out in foster care at only 10 days old is rough, but they both adjusted well.

Adopted in 2016

Prince Charming

This handsome (and very charming!) Siamese Cat was found wandering Lake Shore Road, and was also seen down near Trouthaven.

He looks like he was someone's pet, but no one came forward to claim him. He's about 1 year old, healthy, very friendly, and has bright blue eyes. After coming into the care of the Wallowa County Humane Society, he was bathed and neutered, and ready for adoption.

Adopted in 2016


A family came into the Info Center and their little girl couldn't resist him! They will be the best of friends.

Thank you, Sue, for taking such good care of Hoppy. He had a rough start in life, ending up in foster care at only 10 days old, and now he's in a wonderful forever home.

Adopted in 2016


Giz is a pretty 4-year-old Border Collie who loves to play. She likes everyone she meets, and gets along well with animals. Giz has been spayed.

Giz's former owner wanted to find her the "perfect" forever home. She has now found that home, where she will be a pet and not a working dog.

Adopted in 2016


Carli is a tiger-striped short-hair. She is smart and independent. A dynamite in a small package!

This sweetheart loves everyone, including other cats. She is Jade's and Sophie's sister. They were adopted first, and now Carli has her own forever home, too.

Adopted in 2016


Jade is a black and white long-hair female. She is independent and just a little crazy. She loves to run and jump with the big kitties or attack the legs of any human she can find.

Jade plays hard and will keep you smiling and laughing at her antics. She doesn’t mind a little solitude, she is quite happy getting into mischief on her own!

Adopted in 2016


Sophie is Jade's sister. This sweetheart just wants to be cuddled. Fun and friendly, this little girl is equally happy playing tag with her sisters or sleeping nestled on your chest.

Sophie gets along great with older cats and children. Don't underestimate Sophie's powers, there is no way to avoid falling in love with this little girl!

Adopted in 2016


Frosty is gentle and affectionate. He loves everyone. He has a playful side, too. Loves to chase his tail and is quite amusing with his antics. Frosty loves a warm lap to cuddle in and snuggle up with someone.

Adopted in 2016


Hapa is a gray and white short-hair male, very playful once he gets started. He is a climber!

Adopted 2016


Bob the “wonder” cat is so laid back and easy-going.  He is a long hair, orange tabby around 2 years old, found homeless in Wallowa.  He has been neutered and received his first set of shots.

Bob is a gentle cat, goes about his business and bothers no one.  He is a super social guy and a terrific indoor/outdoor companion. He loves to snuggle and watch TV on his back.  It is just amazing how at home Bob makes himself, not a care in the world.

Adopted 2016


Koda is about two years old, a very friendly Husky-mix dog.  His former owner decided he would be better off with a new home.

Many thanks to Erin, and Wally, for being there for Koda and helping him to find a wonderful forever home.  He has lots of hiking and adventures ahead of him!

Adopted 2016


Bella is mostly Schnauzer, with a gorgeous soft coat. She is 7 years old, maybe a bit older. She was surrendered for adoption, due to her owner’s age and health. She is good with other dogs, and likes to play but will put them in their place if need be. She gets along with cats, chickens, horses, mules, and of course people. However, she is not comfortable with small children.

Schnauzers are known for their intelligence and energy! Bella knows a lot but likes to do it in her own time. She has plenty of energy when she’s outside. Bella likes to talk but she isn’t a barker. She is great in the house and also crate trained.

Adopted 2016


Shiloh appears to be a mix of Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, about 1 year old. He was found wandering aroundin Wallowa and was brought to Joseph by someone concerned for his welfare. Shilohwasn’t wearing a collar, he had no type of ID, and no one has come forward to claim him.

Shiloh is very affectionate, loves people, and has nice manners. Heis energetic on his walks and keeps a steady pace, but is quiet and calm in the house. The first person who met him fell in love with him, and the feeling was mutual! Shiloh snuggled up to her like he knew in his heart he belonged with her.

Adopted 2016


Chevy is a very sweet girl who was found wandering at Wallowa Lake. She’s about 18 months old. No one came forward to claim her, even though she had obviously been well cared for.

Chevy is a well-mannered female with a gentle nature. She likes cats, kids, people and dogs. She is very smart, and likes to smile a lot, as you can see from her photo.

Adopted 2016


Annabeth is a sleek, velvety and very active kitten. She loves to play, purrs constantly and seeks affection. She grooms well, uses her cat box perfectly and has had her first wellness check and shots. She is a social butterfly and enjoys being with other cats and children.

Adopted 2016


Nellie is confident, intelligent, and playful like her brother. She's a black, short-haired Calico female. Nellie is a girl who will keep you company, whether you're in the kitchen, laundry room, or just relaxing and watching TV.

Adopted 2016


Houdini, whose nickname is "Dini"; is a black, short-haired male kitten. He's a gentle boy who enjoys playing, and when he's done with playing he likes to snuggle in your lap.

Adopted 2016

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