This is Charlotte. She is 1.3 years old. She is spay and UTD on her vaccinations. Charlotte weighs 44#’s.

Charlotte's story is she was on a working cattle ranch but that kind of life just didn’t suit our Charlotte girl. Charlotte is a shy sensitive girl and strange places and things scare her until she learns her new surroundings. She is very affectionate once you earn her trust. She likes dogs and doesn’t mind cats. Charlotte is not a barker. She is very quiet.

To apply to adopt Charlotte, call or text Kathy Reynolds 541-263-2424.

Charlotte2 dog 2021


Adopted 2021



Meet Luna!

Luna. Approx 5 year old lab(mix?). Weighs about 75#, Spayed and Up to date on vaccines with enterprise animal hospital.

The good Luna is a great family dog. Loves kids and dogs. Good running and hiking partner. Likes to snuggle on couch. Crate trained. Trustworthy around food. House trained. Has a protective bark. But is all bark and no bite.

The bad Luna is- chicken murderer. And has been known to climb a 5’ fence.

And that’s the reason why her owners are needing to find her another home.

The Unknown Luna- unknown with cats, she has not been around them in her current home.

If interested in adopting or fostering call or text Kathy Gisler Reynolds 541-263-2424.

Adopted 2021

Toe Joe

TOE-JOE – A 7 year old, Adult Neutered, Male, rescued from rural Imnaha after living on his own for at least a year.  He apparently got a front paw caught in a trap, so all of his toes are missing on his right foot.  He is friendly, loveable, and would make a great indoor pet.  He is up-to-day on his vaccinations, litter box trained, and he needs a forever home. Toe Joe does not like to share space or food so he needs to be the lone cat in the house.

UPDATE:  Toe Joe had to have his whole leg amputated last week, due to swelling and inflammation.

Contact Foster Mom Karen if you would like to adopt this handsome boy  541-432-7310.  $65 Adoption Fee.


TYLER – Male Tuxedo Kitty, Born April 15, 2021.  Has a little white mustache, loving and playful.  Up to date on vaccinations, wormed and litter box trained. If you are interested in adopting Tyler call foster mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $65.00 Adoption Fee includes Neuter at either of our WC Vets when of age.


TIPPY – Female, Calico/Tortie with a white tip on her tail.  Born April 15, 2021, playful and loving.  Up to date on vaccinations, wormed and litter box trained. If you are interested in adopting Tippy, call foster mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $65.00 Adoption Fee includes Spay at either of our WC Vets when of age.


SUE – Female, Light Orange Tabby, Born April 15, 2021. Loves to drag ribbons or shoelaces that she claims as hers.  Up to date on vaccinations, wormed and litter box trained. If you are interested in adopting Sue, call foster mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $65.00 Adoption Fee includes Spay at either of our WC Vets when of age. 




RANDY – Female, Orange Tabby, Born April 15, 2021.  Typical Active kitten, plays, sleeps and eats!  Up to date on vaccinations, wormed and litter box trained. If you are interested in adopting Randy, call foster mom Elaine at 541-263-1148.  $65.00 Adoption Fee includes SPAY at either of our WC Vets when of age.



Meet Tope! Tope is a 85 pound husky mix pup full of love and all kinds of energy. Tope is up to date on his vaccinations and is neutered. Tope loves people and likes other dogs similar his size.

Tope is ready for his fur ever home. His ideal home would be an active one where he can enjoy playing, running, hiking, and snuggling up on the couch with his person.

A home without cats and chickens.

If you feel Tope is right for you, contact Kathy Gisler Reynolds WCHS dog coordinator 541-253-2424.


Rudolph Valentino

RUDOLPH VALENTINO - Like his name sake, Valentino is a lover and a kisser.  He desperately needs someone to share his life with.  He loves to be held or just lay his head in a lap and talk to you, while he loves on you with rubs and more kisses.  He’s up to date on vaccinations, deworming and neutered.  He’s a young boy but not a kitten.  He came to the WCHS with a badly injured tail and has recovered nicely. 

If you would like to meet this wonderful, little gentle sole, contact foster mom, Carol, 541-432-1630 or 541-263-0336.


HUTCH - Hutch was born approximately May 30, 2021 UTD on vaccines, dewormed, litter box trained and will be neutered when of age. Hutch is full of energy, love to play and always follow the law!  If interested in adopting these bonded brothers, please contact Karen 541-521-0811.


Starsky and Copper

Meet Starsky and Copper, both born approximately April 20,2021. Although they are not littermates, they are foster-mates and have become best fur-friends. They are both UTD on vaccines, dewormed and litter box trained. They both purr away, love to cuddle, give kisses and play like crazy! If interested in adopting this pair please contact Foster Mom Mary at 541-398-2428 $110. for the pair. Fee includes neuter and spay at W.C. Vet of your choice when of age.  Starsky has been adopted!

Adopted 2021

Copper cat 2021Copper

 StarskyAndCopper cat 2021Starsky & Copper



Bio coming soon!



Susie Q

SUSIE Q - Susie Q is a 2 year old black beauty.  She’s looking to start a new life, filled with love and attention.  Good food counts too.  If you would like Susie Q in your life, call foster mom, Carol 541-432-1630.



SAMMY - Sammy is a handsome, jet black, boy, two years old and is the brother of Susie Q.  He’s a love and knows how to charm the socks off of anyone.  He and his sister, Susie Q would make a great pair for someone wanting to adopt two kitties that get along.  Call foster mom, Carol 541-432-1630.



ANNABELL - A very, very special girl.  Annabell was found in a rural area off the Imnaha hwy.  Hungry and lonely she willingly followed her rescuer.  We think she may have been abandoned as she had already been spayed.  She’s healthy and ready for a new life.

If you would like to include her in yours, call foster mom, Carol at 541-432-1630.

Bartlett & Eden

BARTLETT & EDEN - Meet Fraternal twins Bartlett and sister Eden rescued from Troy when they were just a couple weeks old. They were born approximately April 8, 2021. This brother-sister duo are very bonded but have slightly different personalities. Bartlett enjoys playtime before cuddling while Eden loves a big meal and a warm lap to lay on. Both are quite playful with each other and are dreaming of a fur-ever home TOGETHER!

Bartlett and Eden have had their first round of vaccines, been dewormed, are litter box trained and will be neutered/spayed when of age. They enjoy having their fur brushed and have had their nails clipped.

If interested in adopting this purr-fect pair, please contact Foster Mommy Mary at 541-398-2428 for consideration. $110. Adoption Fee for the pair ($20. Discount).


PEPPERMINT - Peppermint is a sweet, 2 year old girl who likes all the attention and being the only child.  Unfortunately, Peppermint lives in a multi-cat family and is starting to get aggressive with the two youngest members.  Her jealousy is becoming very obvious.

Peppermint would like to live in a home where she can be the pampered princess she feels she is.  While not a lap cat, Peppermint is very affectionate and loves to play and be pet.  She especially loves what we call Smoosh Pets (full body squishes into the soft couch cushions).

She stays off the counters for the most part, and her only truly bad habit is that she will occasionally scratch the furniture.  But having a good scratching post around and a squirt bottle, seems to curb that tendency.

Peppermint does not do well with children, but she is great with dogs.

If you're interested in meeting her, please call Julia at 541-398-0393.

Adopted 2021

Snuggles & Jake

SNUGGLES & JAKE - These 2 cuties are needing a home or homes.

Meet Snuggles (white female)  and Jake ( black/tan male) They are fun loving little characters that will keep you smiling. They like other dogs, they like cats, and love people. They are house trained.

Both are 4 years old, both ave been neutered/spayed and are up to date on vaccinations. They are not litter mates but have been together since puppies. They do not need to go together. BUT they need a home soon. Their owner left town and left them and does not want them.

Anyone lucky enough to give these two a home can just enjoy them.

Snuggles the white female likes to play but she really likes being in your lap and snuggling.....

Jake the black/tan male is fun loving and really loves to play!

To apply for adoption call or text Kathy Reynolds at 541-263-2424.Snuggles 2 dog 2021











CINDER - much like the story of Cinderella, was orphaned when her Mom passed away leaving her to fend for herself. Luckily, she  has a very sweet personality and becomes friends with every creature she meets so she was rescued and put into Foster. She loves to be held like a baby while you tell her she’s the prettiest princess in town! Her fur glistens in the sun and shows distinct Tabby bulleye markings on her sides.

Cinder is 7 months (born 10/26/21).

Cinder is UTD on vaccines, dewormed and is scheduled to be spayed. She is also litter box trained. CINDER dreams of a fur-ever home full of love.

If interested in adopting this sweet kitty, please contact her Foster Mom Mary Perreault Gassett 541-398-2428. $65.00 Adoption Fee



PEPPER - After being bounced around from one home to another, Pepper was found abandoned on Elk Mtn road. He was rescued and surrender to WCHS (Wallowa County Humane Society). Pepper is a 4-year-old male St Bernard   (neuter is scheduled Wednesday, April 21st).  He is up to date with his vaccinations. Pepper is a big boy and weighs 130 pounds.

Pepper is fine around female dogs.  Pepper should not be in a home with another male unless properly introduced on neutral ground. 

Pepper is learning about cats and we don’t think he had been around them before. We aren’t sure about children, still learning his temperament but he is a gentle giant who I feel would be a great companion/guardian over his people. He is a quick learner and is learning basic commands as sit, stay.

Pepper needs a home where he is WANTED and will be part of the family. He loves people.

Contact Kathy Reynolds thru messenger or call 541-263-2424.



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