BREEZE - Corgi/border collie mix, 8yrs old, 23 pounds.  All caught up on vaccinations/spayed, Great little dog!  She knows several commands, is very smart, able to learn more, and trainable.  Rehoming because Breeze is being bullied by her sister since our big black Lab died last year.  We want her to be in a safe and calm home, free from a dominating female.  She likes walks and sometimes plays with a ball.  Breeze has a weak back leg but keeps on trucking.  Her leg only gets sore after jumping or climbing, which we try to limit (i.e. lift her up into the car).  Oh, she's a great travel companion.  Breeze likes her crate for quiet time.  Chews on a bone during the day, we crate her when alone, she's an active 8 yr old!   Also, sleeps in her crate at night.  She is a sweet, playful friend and will stare at her human when she needs to relieve herself.  She's very alert, smart, and likes to know what's happening. She enjoys people and meeting new visitors. A perfect day for Breeze includes a brisk walk in the morning after a nutritional breakfast, eager to wait, sit, or lay down, and wants to know what her human is doing around the house and "helping" (i.e. sitting close for some affection, enjoying a loving tummy rub or gnawing on one of her favorite bones), then a nice nap in her crate or on favorite rug. Breeze appreciates an afternoon walk in the park, enjoys a "wait" for dinner, playing some ("get the bone!"), and a vigorous walk in the evening before retiring to hearing "crate" for much needed sleep.  A ride in the car is welcome and she is a wonderful travel companion.  Contact Carol at 541-398-8435 if interested.

Adopted 2020