SPOT – a 3-year old neutered male, 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Walker Hound mix about 60 lbs. If you have ever been to Minam most likely you have met Spot. My family and I have raised Spot since he was a pup. We do have free range chickens and multiple cats that run around the property. He tries to play with them, but not hurt them. Spot is Kennel trained, this is where he eats, sleeps and has traveled in one on a snowmobile sled. This is his space. Spot loves people and kids and loves to play. He Swims the river and loves the water, not a big fan of baths but in truth he hasn’t had many. He has been rafting and hiking. We have walked him on a leash but will chew through one if he is tied up. We have trained him to use a tracking/shock collar. Spot is house trained. Spot does Not like other dogs. He will run up take a cheap shot at the other dog. We just don’t want to see someone, or someone’s dog get hurt. We just see to many people and dogs at Minam and we can’t keep him kenneled all day. It’s not fair for him. Spot will dig if he thinks there is a mouse/mole/other rodent that he should catch. He learned this from our Jack Russell. Because he has the Walker Hound in him, he will wander. (In fact you may have seen him on the road a time or two while driving by Minam.) This has been a hard decision to make for our family. We love our dogs, but because we live so close to the highway and that we can’t trust him around other dogs, we are forced to find him a new home. We (as a family) would love to find him a home and new family that loves the outdoors, boating included. Contact Lottie at 541-437-1111 Minam Store, 541-910-3956 cell.

Adopte 2020