A special home for a good looking, young, red and white Border Collie male.  I got Ira from a friend as a rescue dog because he would not work with other dogs in the canyons or on the prairie. He acts like “the last pup out of the litter” with a “why hasn’t somebody chosen me yet?” attitude. He’s leery of strangers, but is better with women. He’s well bred, and very active with a strong sense of preservation … needs space to run and play.  My husband has advanced Alzheimers disease and I am moving from our 100 acre farm to town; and as such I have no place for a teenage canine. It breaks my heart, but it would not be a fair situation for Ira! Anyone out there willing to provide a good home for a young, (at least 1 to 2 yr. old) red BC male? If so, please contact Juanita Waters at 541–263-1467. Thank you.

Adopted 2019